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Aery Jo Dance Tanning Make Up
Aery Jo Dance Tanning Make Up Capacity/Size : 110 g

  • Color : 3/Garnet Stone Select Color

    Choose a Color

    • 1/Maroon Biennale
    • 2/Topaz Samba
    • 3/Garnet Stone
    • 5/Brown Stone
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Latin Dance Tanning Essential. With the beautiful diamond pearl pigments, this Dance Tanning Make Up gives you sensational shiny look under the stage light. Once the tanning make up dry on the skin, it doesn't easily smudge under water or sweat and doesn't easily stain the garments. Easy to cleanse with soap or foaming cleanser. Also suggest to use Aero Jo Tanning Powder to get a finished touch.  

[Color Options]
No. 1: Maroon Biennale - A golden brown color, with hints of maroon, and diamond pink pearl, creating a gorgeous skin tone.
No. 2: Topaz Samba - This heightened brown tone with diamond gold pearl goes a shade darker than #1 and adds an outstanding, sexy sheen to your to your skin.
No. 3: Garnet Stone - A deep brown tan with diamond gold pearl for a brilliant yet natural glow.
No. 5: Brown Stone - This alluring brown hue creates the same beautiful finish as #3 but without the added diamond glitter.

[How to Use]
No sweat, No sebum, and No heat – Avoid applying Tanning Make Up as soon as you dance. After you dance, your body has heat and your skin will do sweat. If you apply Tanning Make Up at this time, it might make a problem; Tanning Make Up doesn’t dry. Keep no sweat, no sebum, and no heat - dry skin before applying. If you do shower and wipe out water and apply it that is good.

Rub Quickly and Widely - When you apply it on your back, squeeze the liquid enough to fill your partner’s palm. When you apply it on your arms and legs, squeeze it to fill 1/4 of your palm. Apply it by using your hand because your palm is warm. Rub quickly and widely at one time to avoid smudge.

Step 3. DRY
Dry Fast – After it is dry, you can wear the clothes and it doesn’t stain the clothes under sweat. It usually takes 15 ~ 20 min to dry. To shorten the time to dry, Use fan or hairdryer!

Cleansing - Easy to Clean with Soap or Foaming Cleanser and water. Wipe out leftovers by using Lip & Eye Remover.
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